The mortgage battle – rates vs features

In the era of low rates and fierce competition among mortgage providers, banks are now finding diminishing returns from spending marketing budgets on campaigns aimed at offering the lowest rate. (Steve Helber/AP) The race to offer the country’s lowest mortgage rate has some lenders looking beyond the numbers. While several major banks have already rolled […]

$700M Daniels’ project

$700M project at site of old Guvernment nightclub set to transform the Toronto waterfront The Daniels Corporation unveiled its plans for the Guvernment footprint on Thursday — a whopping $700-million development that includes two mid-rise commercial towers, two sky-high residential ones and post-secondary academic space. Dubbed the “City of the Arts,” it has already secured as tenants […]

Top 3 scams for 2015

Protect yourself: The top 3 scams to look out for in 2015 1. Scams targeting students Online and counterfeit goods Students need to be cautious when buying merchandise online and are encouraged to fully review feedback and to deal with companies or individuals that they know by reputation or from past experience. If the buyer […]

Toronto prices could climb 17% by 2017..

Slumping oil, improving U.S. economy should benefit Ontario real estate, economist predicts Toronto’s record house prices could soar a further 17 per cent by the end of 2017 as the lack of supply in the face of unrelenting demand continues to drive prices far beyond the rate of inflation, says the chief economist of Central […]

Beware door to door salespersons..

… trying to sell you a new furnace.  More and more seniors are being scammed at their own front door. They are being told it’s a government program to put money in their pocket, when it’s really a scam to get money out of their pockets. The $4,000 furnace eventually costs them over $18,000. One […]

Kitec plumbing failures

Between 1995 and 2007, Kitec piping was a popular choice for new home plumbing. While some PEX piping performs fine, one type (branded under the Kitec name) had a design flaw with the fittings that homeowners should know about. Some insurance companies are not willing to write insurance policies on a home with Kitec. Currently, […]