Using your principal residence as a rental..

Q: I bought a house in 2010 for $600,000 and lived in that house as my principal residence until 2013.  Then I bought and moved into another property. I rented out the first house and reported all income on my tax returns. In 2016, I sold the rental property for $900,000. When I file my […]

Toronto sellers frustrated with buyers’ demands

Some home sellers in Toronto are finding the buyers of their homes are trying to renegotiate the deals just days before closing. In this rapidly cooling real estate market, some buyers seem to be regretting how much they agreed to pay back in the hot spring sales season. In other cases, buyers aren’t able to […]

What slowdown? Toronto and Vancouver are still hot markets

With recent price declines in Canada’s hot real estate markets, there’s been talk of a slowdown. But, so far, it’s hardly something for prospective buyers to get excited about.  While prices did drop after the introduction of a foreign homebuyers’ tax in Vancouver last year, they’re once again surging to new highs.  In Toronto, both […]