If you bought a house before coronavirus hit…

If you bought a house before the coronavirus crisis hit, don’t expect force majeure to save you FINANCIAL POST  MARCH 28, 2020 Real estate transactions, even at the best of times, are complicated and stressful for buyers and sellers. For the thousands of people who made or received firm offers before the coronavirus outbreak changed everything […]

Is Toronto real estate the new gold?

Globe & Mail March 11 2020 Every financial market you can think of is in an uproar right now, but not Toronto real estate. Sales of houses and condos for the first week of March were up 47 per cent over the same period last year and average prices rose 18 per cent, said John Pasalis, […]

Toronto average selling price up 16.7%

2017 – Here we go again.  ASP is up 16.7% over February 2019.  The market is hot – we have a dire shortage of listings, Bank of Canada just lowered the interest rate, and we have lots of buyers out there. If ever you’ve thought of selling, the right time is NOW!  Call me if […]