Renting out your parking spot by the hour?

Parking apps will allow owners to rent out parking spots by the hour… Rover, a new Toronto startup app, will match drivers with private parking spots they can rent by the hour. Rover will take 20 to 30% from every transaction, split equally between owner and renter. Uber is shaking up the taxi industry. Airbnb […]

and the market remains strong…

TORONTO, May 19, 2015 – Toronto Real Estate Board announced a 9.6% year-over-year increase in home sales reported by Greater Toronto Area REALTORS® during the first 14 days of May. There were 5,655 sales reported in the first two weeks of May 2015 compared to 5,160 sales during the same period in May 2014. “It is […]

Hottest luxury market in the world: Toronto!

Toronto ranked world’s ‘hottest’ luxury home market Toronto was ranked as the world’s “hottest” luxury market in 2014, according to a report from Christie’s International Real Estate. Toronto saw a 37% increase in luxury home sales in 2014.  It was the only location among the world’s top 10 markets to see a faster pace of luxury […]

House prices surge 10% in March

Toronto house prices surge 10% in March; no relief in sight Detached homes in the City of Toronto see a stunning 15.9% jump in price. A total of 8,940 properties switched hands across the GTA in March, with peak trading months just around the corner. House prices shot up 10% in March over a year ago […]

More condos are coming on the market..

A record number of condos were completed in Greater Toronto in January (10,368), a whopping eight times more than the average of the past decade. Construction delays had builders playing catch up with the record number of multiple-unit dwellings started in 2012 (37,406 versus the past-decade norm of around 25,000 and last year’s 20,099). That, in […]

The mortgage battle – rates vs features

In the era of low rates and fierce competition among mortgage providers, banks are now finding diminishing returns from spending marketing budgets on campaigns aimed at offering the lowest rate. (Steve Helber/AP) The race to offer the country’s lowest mortgage rate has some lenders looking beyond the numbers. While several major banks have already rolled […]

$700M Daniels’ project

$700M project at site of old Guvernment nightclub set to transform the Toronto waterfront The Daniels Corporation unveiled its plans for the Guvernment footprint on Thursday — a whopping $700-million development that includes two mid-rise commercial towers, two sky-high residential ones and post-secondary academic space. Dubbed the “City of the Arts,” it has already secured as tenants […]

Toronto prices could climb 17% by 2017..

Slumping oil, improving U.S. economy should benefit Ontario real estate, economist predicts Toronto’s record house prices could soar a further 17 per cent by the end of 2017 as the lack of supply in the face of unrelenting demand continues to drive prices far beyond the rate of inflation, says the chief economist of Central […]

Real estate market in 2015..

Outlook for housing market stable, but still some concerns Canada’s housing market is expected to remain stable through this year, despite the winter chill that has settled over the Prairies and hot spots in Toronto and Vancouver. That’s according to a report issued Wednesday by the Bank of Montreal’s BMO Capital Markets. “Outside Vancouver and […]

Where is the real estate crash?

Do you keep hearing about this real estate crash which is supposed to happen… These predictions aren’t by soothsayers or astrologers – this pending crash has been predicted by experts since 2009: 2009 Gluskin Sheff & Associates: Prediction 35% decrease, reality 4.25% increase 2010 Economist: Prediction 25% decrease, reality 9.05% increase 2011 Capital Economics: Prediction 25% […]

Why GTA home prices will continue to rise

There’s an old saying “You can’t make land, so you have to work with what you’ve got”. This graphic will explain why home prices in the GTA continue to rise.  We have strong immigration policies in place, and we have the Greenbelt to contend with.  There’s only such much land on which to build homes […]

Toronto’s disappearing middle class

Toronto is transforming from a mostly middle-income city into an island of wealth surrounded by increasingly poor pockets of suburb, 42 years of data reveals. University of Toronto professor David Hulchanski has recently updated his groundbreaking income-disparity research, showing that polarization proceeds as Toronto’s middle-income communities vanish. The long-term trend to 2012 shows average incomes […]

Pump prices affect inflation

OTTAWA— The collapse in oil prices slowed Canadian inflation in December as falling pump prices helped decelerate the annual rate to 1.5 per cent, a drop from its 2-percent perch the month before. On Friday, Statistics Canada’s latest consumer price index found gasoline prices in December fell 16.6 per cent compared with the year before, […]