Renting out your parking spot by the hour?

Parking apps will allow owners to rent out parking spots by the hour… Rover, a new Toronto startup app, will match drivers with private parking spots they can rent by the hour. Rover will take 20 to 30% from every transaction, split equally between owner and renter. Uber is shaking up the taxi industry. Airbnb […]

CMHC fee increase June 1 2015

If you plan to buy a home with less than 10% down and get CMHC insurance, get ready to pay another $450 per $100,000 of mortgage. That’s what CMHC’s just-announced premium hike amounts to. Click here for details It’s the second time in about a year that CMHC has raised its fees on homeowners. The […]

The mortgage battle – rates vs features

In the era of low rates and fierce competition among mortgage providers, banks are now finding diminishing returns from spending marketing budgets on campaigns aimed at offering the lowest rate. (Steve Helber/AP) The race to offer the country’s lowest mortgage rate has some lenders looking beyond the numbers. While several major banks have already rolled […]

Top 3 scams for 2015

Protect yourself: The top 3 scams to look out for in 2015 1. Scams targeting students Online and counterfeit goods Students need to be cautious when buying merchandise online and are encouraged to fully review feedback and to deal with companies or individuals that they know by reputation or from past experience. If the buyer […]

Toronto’s disappearing middle class

Toronto is transforming from a mostly middle-income city into an island of wealth surrounded by increasingly poor pockets of suburb, 42 years of data reveals. University of Toronto professor David Hulchanski has recently updated his groundbreaking income-disparity research, showing that polarization proceeds as Toronto’s middle-income communities vanish. The long-term trend to 2012 shows average incomes […]