In order to assist my clients in all aspects of real estate dealings, I have taken many law courses.  


  • History of Agency Law
  • Sellers’ Representation
  • Buyers’ Representation
  • Laws of Agency


Real property law

  •  Origins
  •  Development


Contract law

  •  Application to Real Estate
  •  Remedies
  •  Deposit


Tort law

  •  Original and Alternate remedies


Misrepresentation, Fraud, Undue Influence

  • Differences under Contract and Tort


Criminal Law

  • Particular provisions which apply to real estate transactions


Trust law

  • Fiduciary obligations


Law of Unjust Enrichment    

  • Application of doctrine   


Disclosure Laws

  • Statutory law
  • Common law
  • Case law


Attachments to property

  • Chattels (including intellectual property)
  • Fixtures
  • Exceptions under the Real Estate and Business Brokers Act



  • Boundaries
  • Adverse possession; Prescribed rights; Trespass


Family Law

  • Matrimonial home
  • Ownership, possession
  • Obligations under the Real Estate and Business Brokers Act
  • Division of property
  • Marriage contracts
  • Common law marriages   


Third Party Conveyances

  • Trustees                         
  • Powers of Attorney



  • Estate Administration
  • Estate Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Right to make a Will
  • Intestate succession
  • Claims with precedence over estates         


Title Insurance

  • The bargain for title
  • Coverages
  • Included and excluded claims 


Business Sales

  • Liabilities under the Real Estate and Business Brokers Act
  • Special duties
  • Disclosure requirements 


 Supreme Court of Canada

  • Caveat Emptor and how/when it applies to Real Estate contracts
  • Recent Supreme Court decisions affecting Real Estate contracts – Bhasin v Hrynew
  • The eight most important cases in the Supreme Court of Canada


Ontario Court System    

  • Courts dealing with real estate matters           
  • Hierarchy of Courts, Judges and decisions
  • Application of legal precedents


Risk Management

  • How to avoid legal liability
  • Managing the risks
  • Documenting the risk elements


The litigation process

  • Cost and expense
  • Preparation and procedures
  • Providing legal instructions


Agreement of Purchase and Sale

  • Problems with Agreement
  • Understanding the Agreement
  • Structuring the Agreement